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I used to think our roommates were just annoying pricks, but now I can’t wait to get out of this apartment and away from them.

In the final full week of the semester, one of them has opted to, instead of playing his 360 sports games in his room, move them into the living area, turned off all the lights, closed the blinds, and turned the main living space of the apartment into a cave, essentially. He’s been sitting on the couch for a few days now, it feels, not moving as he continues playing his bloody soccer game. Two of my coca-colas (the last two I had for this year) were stolen by him or his friends, too. So, not only has he made the main room feel unwelcoming, he or his friends are invading my food and taking it, which isn’t cool. They didn’t even ask or tell me, they just did it. I don’t know them well enough for that to be something that’s acceptable.

Doesn’t help his games are bogging down the entire internet in the apartment, which only sours my mood even more.

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